Application form


The school offers placements for grades first through tenth and grade 12 and 13 (DP1-DP2).
Applications for all grades are processed on a continuous basis and based on availability.


Once you submit your online application form, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email. Our administration will process the application, and you will receive an agreement form if we have available places for your child. To confirm the offered place, you need to return the signed form to the school and complete other checklist items you will receive through the application portal. If your child is admitted to the school, the parents are ask to pay 1-month school fee as a deposit to accept the offer of enrollment. This will be used to cover the first month of school fees for your child when your child starts the school.
If the fee is not paid within a stated deadline, admission will be cancelled.


Please note that NLIS does not have a kindergarten, and every year the application process starts at 1. October. You must apply for school admission every year, even if your information is added to the waiting list of the application year. Therefore, the application process will start on 1. October of each year. Even if you apply online before this date, the school admission committee will not consider your pre-application.
Admissions starts February 1st of each year. If your child is granted a place within the school, you can expect to receive a placement offer during the month of February.

DP Applications starts on October 1st of each year. The decisions of the school place is sent to the applicants as soon as the application process (interviews, relevant documentation etc.) is completed.

Residence Status and Visa Requirement:
This application portal is exclusively for individuals with a residence permit or those not requiring a visa to stay in Norway. If you reside outside Norway and need a visa to enter the country, please contact us via email at

Tuition fees

Grade 1-7
NOK 38125 per school year
3465 NOK x 11 months
The school fee is invoiced monthly.
Grade 8-10
NOK 39385 per school year
3580 NOK x 11 months
The school fee is invoiced monthly.
Grade 12-13 (DP1-DP2)
NOK 27195 per school year
2472NOK x 11 months
The school fee is invoiced monthly.

The tuition fees are calculated based on the funding from UDIR

The Norwegian Directorate covers 85% of the school expenses for Education. The school fee is updated every January.
School fees are subject to change due to re-arrangements of the funding by the Utdanningsdirektoratet (Ministry of Education). Therefore, changes will be made on the January invoice.


To accept the offer of enrollment, the parents will be ask to pay 1-month school fee as a deposit. This will be used to cover the first month of school fees for your child. However, it is non-refundable if the application is withdrawn.
All invoices will be sent by email, and you will transfer the school fee to the school bank account number.
You will receive the invoice for the monthly tuition fees from this email address;
You can choose to pay with “eFaktura” (B2C).
With eFaktura, you get the invoice filled out with KID number, account number and amount directly to your online bank.
You must approve the e-invoice before it is charged to the account every month.
Please note that you are not able to register for “Avtalegiro” as we do not offer this.
E-faktura makes the payment much more manageable and is recommended. If you have not already done this, you can easily register this in your online bank when paying the first invoice.


NLIS offers a family discount for siblings. The school offers a 5% tuition discount for all siblings. The discount is calculated every month and will be visible on the monthly invoice.

How it works

The oldest student will be regarded as the first child at school; therefore, the family discount will be applied to the second and third students’ fees.


Any personal data requested will only be used for the intended purpose, i.e. the processing of your application, the management of the administrative, financial and educational aspects of the process.

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