Benefits of IB

Students from the age of three to nineteen years of age can choose an education based on the International Baccalaureate program.


IB is an international program used by thousands of schools around the world. Prior to graduating, you will receive theoretical training and the critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in today’s society and workforce. IB is offered in over 100 countries, which means that most universities are familiar with the program compared to the lesser-known Norwegian program. Many universities prioritize IB programs and may prioritize them over other applicants.

Small classes

The IB classes are less than half of the classes in a traditional Norwegian school. In the small classes, it is easy to join the class and feel seen. You will develop healthy relationships with your classmates and learn to work together collaboratively. In small classes, teachers know you well and can tailor lessons to suit everyone’s best learning style.

Improve English

The IB program is taught in English and promotes both written and oral mastery of the language while preparing students for higher education.

Good routines

The IB program requires personal effort and the development of good study habits. This is what the students at Norlights International School are teaching. They learn how to balance the relationship between schoolwork and leisure, how to administer application deadlines, and what study techniques can help with this. Students bring these habits with them into their further education and professional lives.

Freedom to decide their own education

Students combine advanced and standard subjects to create their own curriculum. So you can immerse yourself in the topic you like best. Experience shows that students are motivated by working with themes they enjoy and choose themselves.

Be accepted at good universities

Students who earn the IB diploma at Norlights International School gain access to many good opportunities. They receive thorough university guidance, which includes mapping their interests and ambitions, as well as searching, applying and interviewing for university admissions. Students who complete the program with strong grades may also qualify for scholarships to top universities around the world. Norlights alumni have entered the highest-ranked universities in Norway, such as NTNU, NHH, UiO, UiB and UiT.