We are open Monday through Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 16.45 p.m. However, you are required to make an appointment if you visit the school. Please see the timetables through the link below.


No, all students bring healthy snacks and lunches from home.

We have 10 classrooms where children are grouped by their classroom level (1 to 10) It depends on the classroom but please consider that NLIS is a very small school so the number of the students are between 14-17. We do not have a teaching assistant at school as the number of the students are not high in our classrooms

Parents may fill out an enrollment form after touring the school and meeting with an administrator, who will answer questions and discuss availability of openings.

Families typically enroll their child for the start of the school year program, which begins in August. However, we also offer rolling admissions. This allows children to join a classroom at any point during the year if space is available.

At NLIS, we hire only the most experienced, qualified, and well-educated teachers. Our hiring requirements surpass those set by the UDIR—all of our teachers have bachelor’s degrees or higher, as well as an in-depth understanding of early childhood development and experience in the field. After they are hired, teachers participate in an in-depth training, including the IB recognized workshops and receive ongoing professional development and weekly collaboration meetings with the Coordinators

Yes. NLIS is fully licensed by the UDIR (Norwegian Ministry of Education). It is also fully accredited by the IB PYP and the MYP

No, but NLIS is planning to open a kindergarten in 2021-2022 school year.

No, however students may participate in summer schools provided by Oslo Kommune free-of-charge.

Yes. NLIS offers an enriching after school program, for children in the first grade through the sixth grade. The after school program provides a safe and caring program where students come together for fun educational experiences beyond their school day.

You are welcome to communicate with Teachers at drop-off and pick-up. We also schedule regular parent-teacher conferences during which we review and discuss children’s progress. All parents receive report cards and feedback through Toddle App regularly. Communication with parents is an important part of our program. Our teachers and our administrators are always available to talk with parents.

Yes. We value and celebrate diversity and benefit from a culturally diverse student and family community. In addition to our own curriculum, where we teach about many countries, we invite our families to share their unique customs and heritages with their child’s classroom community, fostering an appreciation for traditions spanning the globe. We also celebrate festivals of different cultures. At the end of the School year we organize a Multicultural Festival.

You do not need to send any document until you are offered a place at school.

No, the students do not have to wear a school uniform.

In Norway, the school provides these materials. The school also provides a computer for each student in Grade-4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 and Ipad’s to grades 1, 2 & 3.

The school does not offer a school bus as the school is very close to the T-Bane (metro), many students prefer to come by T-Bane. Transportation fee is reimbursed by Oslo Kommune if a student leaves 4 km away from school for Grade-3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 and 2 km away for Grade-1 and 2.

According to the location of the students, Oslo Kommune provides a free taxi for Grade-1 and 2 students only

At school, the medium language is English. We offer Norwegian lessons as well. In these Norwegian lessons, the students are divided into level groups (except Grade-1) We also have two extra teachers for students whose English level is lower than the others

No, the students are accepted into the schools in Norway according to their birth years. If the student needs some extra support, the school will do this during the year.

The maximum capacity of the school is 200 and the school is full at the moment.

There are around 30-40 different nationalities at school

No, they only do their PYP assessments. The school follows only PYP curriculum framework

In the PYP section, all teachers are close to or native speakers of English. In the MYP section we have teachers from other nationalities as well as we hire the teachers according to their experience

Norwegian is a mandatory lesson here and it is taught in each level

You can visit the school anytime you wish as long as you make an appointment with the school administration through OpenApply.

School provides extra care and remedial classes for special children with special needs.

Yes, NLIS provides field trips for the students regularly. Also the school is part of Erasmus+ projects and these students visit many different countries.

No, we follow the IB PYP and MYP curriculum framework. However, we offer clubs for students to improve their skills. Please see our clubs through the link below.


No, NLIS is a state-funded school and it is entitled to Ministry of Education Regulations which requires to accept the students according to their birth years. Please see the age scale through the link below.


The students whose English level is lower than the others are supported by the EAL teachers at school.

Yes, Norwegian is a mandatory lesson in Norway.

No, the students never repeat the grade in the primary and secondary schools in Norway.

No. However, Oslo Kommune offers various programs for students during school holidays.