Health Service

The aim of the Health Service is to reinforce the children’s health and lifestyle, and The School Health Service is organized by Oslo Municipality.
The nurse comes to the school twice a week to offer talks on various health-related topics, provide eyesight and hearing tests, and take measures of height and weight. Talks and check-ups are offered to selected class levels and as needs arise for individual children. The nurse also follows up with students regarding their vaccination program.

The students can contact the school nurse if they are going through something difficult, have any questions, or need someone to talk to.

The school health service’s task is to carry out health-promoting and preventive work in the school, where the goal is to promote the child’s physical, mental and social health. Students can come to the nurse alone or with friends or parents if they have questions about bullying, puberty, mental health.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s health, well-being or development, you are welcome to contact us. We encourage parents to contact the school and/or the school nurse if the family is in a problematic situation that may affect the child’s behaviour or concentration.


School Nurse Information

Hilde Lund
+47 940 26 686

Some of what the school health service offers:

Health examinations

Check of hearing, vision, and growth

Vaccines that are included in the ordinary vaccine program

Conversations with students, individually or in groups

General health information, teaching and counseling

Dietary guidance

Parental guidance

Program for the school health service:

1st grade (PYP 1):

Information about the school health service at a parent meeting. The nurse visits the class.

2nd grade:

Offers the vaccine against polio, pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus

3rd grade:

Group discussions/class teaching on «How do I take good care of myself?» Key topics: Physical activity, diet, sleep, emotions. Routine height and weight measurement of all – followed-up with parents

4th and 5th grade:

Psychological first aid

6th grade:

Offers MMR vaccine (measles, rubella and mumps)

Conversation groups about puberty for all. Key topics: Changes in the body, emotions and relationships, falling in love, menstruation and hygiene.

7th grade:

Offers HPV vaccine for girls – 2 doses. How to cope with stress and pressure? Relaxation exercises.

The school health service arranges a lice campaign twice a year. The school nurse participates in the school’s teaching program: It is my choice – to prevent violence and sexual abuse. The School Nurse is not responsible for the first aid or casualties at school. In need of medical treatment, parents must contact their own doctor.