Norlights Education

We are a national group that offers important studies in several large cities in Norway.

Norlights Education believes that children and young people are the stewards of hope and peace in a changing world. They are the future. Therefore, the children must get the right luggage on the journey to adulthood. We at Norlights help them pack their bags through high-quality school and daycare operations. We are proud to be the first and currently the only provider in Norway of Montesorripedagogikk and International Baccalaureate. Here we will help shape the next generation in a race from infancy to high school.

Peaceful society

Our commitment is based on the knowledge that high-quality education services can best contribute to shaping a more peaceful society. It is our responsibility to invest in future generations through educational offers that are available to all interested.

These values were the common inspiration for the group of resourceful enthusiasts who drove the establishment of Norlights Education. Many have extensive experience in educational services and social activities for children and young people. They and everyone else in the community contribute expertise, financial resources and countless working hours to fulfill a dream come true.

Our success story

A mixture of good determination and optimism made Norlights Montessori School Drammen open in 2013. Shortly afterward, the opening of Norlights Montessori Drammen Kindergarten followed in the autumn of the same year. Norlights International School Oslo was the next milestone and opened in 2015. The demand for our study offer was great, which resulted in Norlights Montessori School Stavanger opening in autumn 2016. Since the beginning, owners, board members, employees and especially students and parents have played a vital role in the success stories of Norlights Education. It is based on a holistic approach, and the students are responsible for the process of education. This lays the foundation for developing a generation that responds with respect for everyone in the environment.

Security and care

At Norlights Education, students experience why and how they can make a difference locally and globally. Children and young people who choose Norlights will experience security and care from dedicated educators, who use their competence guide and do their utmost to ensure that each student can develop their full potential. We spend our time and energy on this because children and young people are the future. That is our unshakable conviction.

Give back to the community.

Norlight Education and the companies we represent are non-profit. None of our owners should profit from these businesses. Everything must benefit the students, the teachers and the staff. The idea behind this is that everything we do is to benefit society. Norligts Education wants to give instead of taking.

Our vision

Our study offers holistic education that will contribute to future generations being drivers of peace and coexistence.

Our mission

We will offer high-quality educational services to children and young people within a framework characterized by respect, responsibility, wonder and reflection.


Our goals

  • Everyone who uses Norlights Education’s services should experience security and acquire social knowledge and intercultural understanding.
  • Students who use our educational services must use their full potential and complete their educational careers as well-balanced and caring people.
  • We will have the most satisfied students and parents in the country.
  • We will be the first choice for those who want an offer within IB and Montessori as an alternative to the public school.
  • We will develop students’ competence to contribute to sustainable development in various areas in their environment.