Parent council

What do Parent Councils do?

The parent council aims to help the school operate successfully by representing the views of all parents. Each class chooses two parent representatives that meet with the school once per month. The council is composed of eleven parents who coordinate a variety of school activities.

  • Creates stronger collaboration between the parents and the school, as the parent council reports to the general parent population at least annually, but preferably more often
  • Ensures that parents get the information they need and have a channel to provide feedback to staff
  • Discusses issues of interest to parents, including school policies, such as bullying, sexual health, relationships, education and homework
  • Works together with the school to setup extracurricular activities and after school clubs
  • Contributes to the IB objective of parental involvement in shaping a Curriculum for Excellence
  • Represents parents’ views to the education authorities and other stakeholders in regards to issues of equality and fairness
  • Coordinates social and fundraising activities