Social learning and interpersonal values are essential elements of a well-rounded education and deserve as much attention as academics. The incorporation of social learning and interpersonal values contributes to a higher quality of education for all students and provides a healthier social environment within the school.

By adhering to universal values, the PPV program strives to provide more space and time for social learning through different activities for students, parents, and staff members. (then more about the specific activities)

The program has the following goals:

Increase understanding and awareness within:

  • Human Dignity
  • The convention on the rights of the child
  • Equality and gender equality
  • Identity
  • Diversity, inclusion, and respect
  • Critical thinking and scientific development
  • Ethical actions
  • Sustainable development, environmental protection, and respect for nature
  • Democracy and democratic values
  • Life skills and health

Works for and against reducing:

  • Racism and hate
  • Prejudice and discrimination


  • Better collaboration between school and home
  • Commitment, sense of belonging, and well-being among children, students, staff, and parents
  • A shared understanding of values in the school