Tuition fees

Grade 1-7
NOK 34240 per school year
3113 NOK x 11 months
The school fee is invoiced monthly in 11 months.
Grade 8-10
NOK 35320 per school year
3211 NOK x 11 months
The school fee is invoiced monthly in 11 months.

The tuition fees are calculated based on this funding.

The Norwegian Directorate covers 85% of the school expenses for Education. The school fee is updated every January.

School fees are subject to change due to re-arrangements of the funding by the Utdanningsdirektoratet (Ministry of Education). Therefore, in case of changes, this might be added to your invoice by January 2021.


An administration fee of 1000 NOK is due when you submit your admission agreement for the new students. It is non-refundable if the application is withdrawn.

To complete the admission procedures, you must also pay the school fee of the first month of the school (August) in addition to the application fee. If you start school after August, the same procedure will be applied. You must pay both an administration fee of 1000 NOK and the fee of the starting month.

All invoices will be sent by email, and you will transfer the school fee to the school bank account number.

You will receive the invoice for the monthly tuition fees from this email address;

You can choose to pay with “eFaktura” (B2C).

With eFaktura, you get the invoice filled out with KID number, account number and amount directly to your online bank.

You must approve the e-invoice before it is charged to the account every month.

Please note that you are not able to register for “Avtalegiro” as we do not offer this.

E-faktura makes the payment much more manageable and is recommended. If you have not already done this, you can easily register this in your online bank when paying the first invoice.


NLIS offers a family discount for siblings. The school offers a 10% tuition discount for the second sibling and a 15% discount for a third sibling. The discount is calculated every month and will be visible on the monthly invoice.

How it works

The oldest student will be regarded as the first child at school; therefore, the family discount will be applied to the second and third students’ fees.